Until Qin Lang had successfully entered the temple and collected the gold from it, these people real "Hum, the Zi family is really arrogant!" Gao Xiuping said that he was a good talent, in fact, he promised to let him independently manage a l Zichen's eyes flashed over senleng's idea of killing, and his heart gave birth to infinite h This man was originally their enemy, but they couldn't bear to guard the wealth at the moment. Of course, not all east coast goods can enter here. In a word, all the heroes in the copper hall are helpless and declining. "The semi deity, who died of divine robbery in those years, did not even arrange the coffin room of On the back of each Giant Eagle stood three or five demon families, with a golden eagle at the head, In the center of Huochi City, there are seven minarets, each of which is more than 20 Zhang. The mid Dancing under the moon, Xiaolian looks as if her whole body is shrouded in hazy aura, like a dream. The smile on her lips just bloomed, and she was blown away by the cool breeze on the lake. This team is the first time to play, not to get a lot of applause, but we still keep looking at this It was only a moment later that someone remembered the magical scene they had seen before. Mr. Wang still raised the price again, but his expression was a little difficult to come, and he was All day with Mina and dance two girls together, the day passed quickly. The porcelain teeth in Zhao guangtou's mouth were knocked out by Li Laoer and then inlaid by him It's just that he didn't discuss it with Huang Xu. He wanted to wait until he had some achie

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