And in duanmuqing next to, there is a magic Lord, the Lord of evil way, eyes cold look at Zhao Feng. "Ha ha. You're really fun," I laughed. "But... Do you believe it? I can hold you in my hand and The bright and sharp Dongdao Samurai Sabre is scabbard. According to the memory in the blood god inheritance, when the blood Lord was not a God, he had 1000 Just when Jin Li rose to the sky, Tang Luo's body was shining and dazzling. For a time, the heav Chen long, holding Chen Jiu on bail, returns to Chen Fu regardless of his own pain. Now Qin Lang's interests are all on the mark of the harvester. After all, this is the mark of th "Hum! You'd better be good and honest, otherwise don't blame me for being cruel and cruel. D A blow from the heaven and earth tripod cracked the earth in this place. It was really angry. The little monk, dressed in scarlet cassock, has just set up a big array, and has already flown over The endless darkness envelops all people. When they react, the surroundings have already changed. Th Accompanied by the sound of point should, that day, a figure on the sky slowly fell down. This is a real missile, with tracking, and it's very fast. So the driver who came to pull the fish was also very nervous. He drove back after loading the fish. In the blink of an eye, like a wild buffalo, he drove a broad road and approached the carriage. Wei Jian, the oldest of his brothers, has always been abusive without mercy. At this time, he gave W "Sue, this place is easy to be attacked by arson. We welcome the natives to attack, and we don't In the middle of the holy land, there is a main spiritual peak running through the sky and a quiet a

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