After watching Xie Qingyun go out, the stone gate is not closed again. The red robed man turns his h "You mean you're going to try it with the power of choice?" With his mouth in a low voice, Qin Xuanxuan draws a circle on the chest of Shi Bing with his fingers The young man is also ha ha smile, even the voice is very humorous, people can not think of what he In the words of Su Xiaozi, it should be blood corpse. Isn't it proof that blood corpse is strong "No way, my friends. Their resentment is too heavy. This killing is too heavy, and we can not bear t At that time, Cai Bo often called him to take care of Yu lifeI, but he was really helpless. "It was about a year ago, when I was on a mission, I met the aboriginal character. It had the task o The big array like a millstone turns around like a meat grinder, and a Zunxian demon is beaten into However, when people are dying, his words are also good. Tang Yue believes that what Rhein said is n Looking back at the broken window, he collected his clothes and went out. "It's fun for him to challenge the authority. It's really fun for him to challenge the autho In ancient times, men and women's affairs were far less important than they are now. Li Yuan laughs. He is a master who is afraid that the world will not be in disorder. When he seizes You can use it if you want, but don't say it. "It's not good for the Kingdom, but it will also consume the funds of those members of Parliamen Zhao Yun was not surprised or surprised to see the head of Dongmen Village, who was red with blood. "Wow, good wine. It's good wine. Give me ten catties then."

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