"All right, take it out. By the way, don't spread the news of wooden tiger's being caught!" The whole team is well-trained, although it is a government army. Without his heartlessness, we can't set off the love and righteousness of brother Hao and brothe At this time, a ray of light, a thunderous hall, suddenly appeared in front of the energy hands. "I can't turn a blind eye to deception unless I die." Xu Feng answered, and naturally he would listen to Mr. Su's words. As soon as Lin Ming's body retreats, he has already retreated to the edge of the array, facing t The audience in front of the TV are also waiting to see Zhang Ye for the last time When he heard the question, Tang Yu replied, "I come from afar... Far away." Behind him came a bleak voice of a woman; Running next to Ferrari, Xiao Feng leaned against the car, panting: "Grandma's, it's crazy! Of course, the operation of this kind of capital was entrusted by Feng Jianhui to Liu Dong. The girl seemed to be asked by him. She pursed her mouth and pondered for a few seconds. The corner "No, commander, I really can't do this well. You'd better let me go to the devil's erran When Fang lie hears the speech, he suddenly feels guilty. He just wants to apologize, but he is stop This is a terrifying move, which attacks all people indiscriminately. This move sweeps the heaven an Magic Island is a good time for us white tigers to act. The world belongs to us Because he knows that Qinglong is just a happy mouth.

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