Who knows at this time, purple Chen shakes head, way: "we do not need." Commander Romon said calmly: "of course, I hope adults can make a reasonable combat deployment." The five rays of light also burst out, and the whole courtyard was shrouded in a mysterious aura. Opening his eyes, he said in a soft voice, "sure enough, you can refine it." The flame is not hot, but extremely cold. As soon as the blue flame comes out, the whole world seems Wang Chi cried out, "is that the great God of utensils? I came from afar. If you have something to a Xiao Guan's voice sounded and his body was like a ghost, shooting at Zhang Yu, who was holding a As a matter of fact, Bannon Galen is not stupid at all. He is just too careless. Because it is flying in the sky, it can be observed very clearly. "Snow can't be seen here, except for snow!" It's not very effective for those yellow napkins! But immediately, the string of blood beads is slowly overflowing from the corner of her mouth... Jas He is doomed to become a man standing at the top of the game, is to step on the foot of long Aotian I thought I was dead. When I woke up, I knew I was almost dead. It was yaoweng who saved my life... "Is this stone carving related to the blood purification of Longling?" "So..." after listening, Yang Kai nodded his head gently. He had already thought about it. Since the She had discovered before that Lu Jingting liked to make gestures. At that time, she thought he like It's the happiest thing for an old man like Clare to guess his family when he mentions it.

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