After a brief investigation, Qin Chaoyang was just in a coma, and there was no scar on his whole bod For a while, many disciples were in a panic, not knowing whether it was the enemy or the friend who Ye Ruo deliberately joked with Shen Yingxue and said, "Xueer likes it? Today, Xueer says two auspici Probably the number of people in the forbidden army. The boss immediately laughed: "of course, how much do you want to buy? If you buy more than 100 yuan Ye Yiming observed here, her eyes suddenly opened, and said, "who are you, Kong Xu, come out to this Their bodies are shining brightly at the same time, as a black sun and a silver sun appear in the vo They have never seen a girl with a knife so angry. Despite the smoke, I drove the shadow of the night forward. You don't want to sell a cow, do you Wu Guangyu and Qiang Yong have never dealt with each other. Lu Weimin doesn't think that his cha Fang Han nodded his head without politeness. Looking at Zhang Tong's quiet eyes, he felt very gu Jian peerless stares at Shi Lei with a puzzled look in his eyes. "Is Shi Lei the product of the Long New book, please read more support, more collection, more click! "It's a transmission array..." it's not Li Hao who answers this question, but an old man in "Elder martial sister Fang, my master hasn't been out of the gate, and the news is not very well Miao Miao sees Lingyun wantonly stare at her, the smile on the face is not seen, show eyebrow tiny a Because his son's injuries were caused by this soldier.

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