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"You are a Taoist of xuanhuang and have already proved the existence of the emperor?" Just as they had just rushed to the crowd, more than ten members of the assassin's Hall jumped o ... at the same time, on the other side. You can do this when you go this time... " Gentle persuasion: "if you feel uncomfortable in your heart, you will cry." However, Tang Chun did not find anything violent from them. Tang Chun is worried about whether he will return to the infant state. The ward was in a mess. Huang Dapeng was lying in a white hospital bed. Several elderly doctors gath The first mate nearby stammered, "Captain, there is an archipelago ahead. Is the other party hiding But now, everything can only be said to be fantasy. Du Shiyi and Cui Jianxuan even didn't send them to the ox cart outside, so they bowed at the urg Robert is looking at the performance list in the lounge, wondering how to arrange the ghost boss&#39 In a short period of time, the two children let go of Jing Tian and continue to run away. "General, kill one, kill two, earn one." the Ministry also knew the current situation well. He appro "Elder martial sister, I love you so much!" Anyway, although the salary of 6000 is not a lot, it is enough to support one person! No more than the size of the zahu four or five thousand people, you can take turns as a forward. Although it was only one step, it just crossed the door of convenience. The next moment, I was outsi

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