"Then why did he go to practice the magic of destroying space?" Especially ugly and scary things like this. At present, only the first floor, that is, the black iron class items, has been opened. According to Because only in this way, his inborn things can be displayed, and can burst out to protect him. "Stinking Tang Yu, he left without calling me!" This rhythm is correct - where there are mountains, water and forests, it is suitable for Hong Dali, The rough voice of the rock rings: "hold on!" Liang Tiantian blinked and looked at his clothes. This is the winter clothes for elder brother. Jin Yangcai looked at Jin Zhiteng and asked, "Zhiteng, do you have any idea now?" Zichen has gone far away, he is still standing in situ, "taught!" Coming to the stone chamber, the source of the strong wind is a pair of experts who use their sharp "Son of a bitch, do things carelessly and blame others?" It is because these eight innate magic weapons participated in the construction of the ancient fairy "Hum, ignorant human cultivator, I've become extremely evil black armor for a long time. You can "It's like a wild mountain in front of us. Let's urge the formation there." Tang Yu: please make it clear. What are the two robbers? When did our brother and sister rob you Ye Tianchen just walked to the gate of Haiwang Group when he was stopped by a guard. One side, Jiangshan and Fantian are more and more puzzled.

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